Christian Hamel Memorial Benefit for Brain Tumor Research was created to provide information about events that took place in September 2008, honoring Christian Hamel and raising money to support Brain Tumor Research.

Christian, who lost her seven-year battle with brain cancer on April 17, 2004, inspired these events. Her amazing spirit and refusal to let the disease define her life continue to motivate our efforts. Through multiple rounds of chemotherapy and four brain surgeries, she worked at El Palomar Restaurant, raised her daughter, Lorrynn, surfed as much as possible and amazed all of us who knew her. She is greatly missed.

Although Christian's life could not be saved, her parents and friends hope that your donations will help to prevent such tragic losses in the future. The fourth Christian Hamel Memorial Benefit for Brain Tumor Research was held on September 28, 2008 at the Ideal Bar & Grill at the entrance to the Santa Cruz Wharf. See Letter to Community and Events in September 2008 for additional information.

This site will be updated for upcoming events in 2010.

Christian Surfing

Christian Surfing   Photo by Pat Farley

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